The Tale

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Anthony, the Capercaillie Cock, is missing. He is nowhere to be found. So the Little Folk at the Feldberg are searching for him along the path.
Ferdinand, the Little Folk's Postman, wants to deliver a letter to Anthony, but he can't find him either. Therefore, he asks Velt, the Feldberg-Elf, for help. Velt is accompanying him.
First of all they have a look for Anthony Capercaillie at his dormitory-tree where he usually goes to sleep.
Do climb up the climbing-tree from where you can watch out for Anthony's most beloved spruce tree through the binoculars.
But, of course, at this time of day Anthony has already left home. So better make your way to the Little Folk's Pub.
Here, in summer, they serve delicious bilberries (blueberries), Anthony Capercaillie's favourite dish, …
But Rocky, the Publican, spoils Velt's and Ferdinand's hopes by telling them that Anthony has not yet visited him today. So, the two brownies go on strolling along the path in search of Anthony.

Next, they meet Dietwald, the three-toed woodpecker, who has recently migrated back into the Black Forest from Switzerland. Dietwald sends a message in Morse to Anthony, but, alas, it is in vain. So, Velt and Ferdinand move on.

Listen to all the different sounds of the forest with the help of the old style hearing aid - in the Little Folk's stereo !
But, it's a pity really, not a single sound can be heard of Anthony's characteristic courtship melody!

Well then, off we go to the Fairyland's Pharmacy. Under the projecting roots pattern of a collapsed fir stump you will find the pharmacy, where Anthony usually picks up digestive stones - but not today !
Nolan Know-it-all, the Pharmacist, sends them on to Violet, the beautiful Forest-Fairy, as she normally knows everything …

..but no, not today !
Violet has only seen Antonia, Anthony's wife. You will find it rather difficult to detect Antonia Capercaillie among the densly growing bilberry shrubs.


Antonia, the hen, is cross with Anthony for permanently taking to his heels whenever it comes to raising their chicks. Antonia sends the two brownies on to Robbers' Rock where Anthony usually enjoys sitting in the sun !
All kinds of forest folk are strolling around the Robbers' Rock when Ferdinand and Velt are approaching, especially those who normally behave most unfriendly towards capercaillies ...

... as for example the wild boar who ploughs the ground for capercaillie-eggs.
But again: no Anthony to be seen !

Now, Velt can only think of one other possibility: maybe, Anthony Capercaillie is at Rocky Hollow, the small little enchanted village at the edge of the forest. But before they get there, Ferdinand and Velt will have to pass Freddy Fox's den. Thank heavens, Freddy is sleeping inside ! Velt is easily scared by Freddy's appearance, without reason actually !

Just before the two brownies reach Rocky Hollow, the typical courtship melody is distinctly audible: Anthony can't be far away !
Listen carefully !

And, in actual fact, among all the hustle and bustle in Rocky Hollow they finally find Anthony, the Capercaillie Cock!
Ferdinand, the Little Folk's Postman, is happy to deliver his letter in the end.
Of course, you must find out yourselves what the letter is about and who has sent it.

So, we hope to see you soon at

The Little Folk's Trail in Capercaillie-Forest, Feldberg Wildlife Sanctuary

This story is told as a comic on the wooden information panels along the Little Folk's Trail. Moreover there is some detailed information on capercaillies available.

To print the English version of the tale told on the panels please click here (approx. 2MB)